Q1: What is adult foster care?

A: By definition, Adult Foster Care is “A system in which adults are placed into group or a private home, where they are taken care of by caregivers”. Source: legaldictionary.net
Our AFC homes offer a wide range of assistance, while giving support to be independent to each individual’s capabilities. We provide 24 hour care and supervision.


Q2: Is living in an AFC home similar to life in a nursing home?

A: Yes and No

This question has multiple answers. Many residents of AFC homes need similar assistance with daily activities, similar to those living in a nursing home. While all AFC homes provide different levels of care, our AFC homes provide extensive assistance. This has allowed residents to stay in our home-like environment, instead of the institutionalized setting of a nursing home.

When you compare the size of our AFC homes to that of a nursing home, you see a dramatic difference in the “homey” feel and atmosphere we can offer. Similar to a nursing home, our AFC home provides assistance with housekeeping, all hygienic needs, medication management, visiting nurses and much more.


Q3: Are our AFC homes licensed? Is there a difference between licensed and unlicensed?

A: Yes…and Yes!

All our homes are licensed and regulated by the State of Michigan. Licensed facilities have extensive regulations with onsite inspections annually, and more if deemed necessary. Licensing ensures each AFC home operates within the State guidelines for proper staff ratios, staff training, certified care plans, and medication administration. A complete list of rules and regulations can be found online.


Q4: Do you have an in-house physician?

A: No.

Although we do not staff an on call physician, each individuals ability to see a physician is the same as it would be when living in their own home. Our AFC homes organize and execute medical doctor’s appointments, mental health care, physical therapy and more. Each resident has the ability to continue receiving care under their current providers or our staff will assist with the transfer of care to other physicians as needed.

Our AFC homes have worked closely with several visiting physicians, providing both medical and mental health services, physical and occupational therapy, as well as nursing care. If transportation to and from an off site appointment is a concern,  we will work with individuals to enroll them in a visiting physician program that best fit their needs. We have space dedicated for these appointments, to ensure the patients privacy.


Q5: What accommodations are available?

A: Our homes offer both private and semi-private bedrooms. Restrooms are located throughout the entirety  of each location, to ensure quick and easy access to all. We have large living rooms, dining rooms and outdoor seating.


Q6: If my health needs change, will I have to move into a nursing home?

A: Not necessarily.

Our homes service clients with a variety of needs. We are confident that if we can safely provide the care needed, we will!


Q7: Are your homes handicap accessible?

A: Yes.


Q8: What are the visiting hours?

A: Visiting hours will vary based on each individuals needs.

Our homes work hard to create an open environment, to allow each client the freedom to live their lives as normally as possible. Restrictions are only enforced, if the safety of any of our clients becomes a concern.


Q9: Is a signed lease a required upon moving in and is a notice required to move out?

A: Yes and Yes

Upon moving into our homes a state regulated Care Agreement will be required. The form is supplied by our home and our staff will assist in completing it. This form outlines the services provided and the fees charged.

If the need arrives for a client to move out of our home for non-circumstantial reasons, a thirty day notice is required. However, there are circumstances in which the notice requirement can be waived.